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Painting highlights exceptionally talented man

I wish to invite your readers to view at the Wedgeport Coastal Financial Credit Union a recently restored painting of artistic and historical value. The painting by Armand Pothier (1872-1943) of Wedgeport is of the two masted schooner, the W. H. F. Foley.

The artist, Armand Pothier, was an exceptionally talented man according to Gérald Pothier, born in 1920, a close neighbour who knew him well.  Armand was an artist painter, wood carver, blacksmith, carpenter, boat builder, coffin maker, musician who played the organ and who could sing. 

The schooner in the painting was built by another exceptional Wedgeport man, Hilaire T. LeBlanc (1861-1949). Louise (LeBlanc) Leverman, a granddaughter of Hilaire born in 1926, wrote in her family album that the Foley was launched June 25, 1908 and sold to the Government of Canada. The ship is named in honour of Father William Foley the parish priest during the same time period.

The ship builder, Hilaire T. LeBlanc, was also a sea captain, entrepreneur and important civic leader of Wedgeport and NS.

The painting is on the cover of the new book "A History of Wedgeport" by Donnie Jacquard. The painting and a write up can be viewed during the regular business hours of the credit union situated on the corner of Route 334 and the Black Pond Road.

Cyrille LeBlanc,


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