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Yarmouth Seafood and Wine Extravaganza – best show in town!

I would like to sing the praises of the organizers of the 2nd Annual Yarmouth Seafood and Wine Extravaganza event held at the Rodd Grand Hotel Sunday evening. (Aug.11)  In comparison to the 1st Annual event, this edition was significantly improved and truly enjoyable to attend.  

In particular, the representative selection of area restaurants provided excellent examples of their seafood preparations – from lobster lasagna and lobster fondue to celebrity chef-prepared scallops in phyllo pastry and smoked mussels with fresh corn  - each dish provided by restaurant and hotel staff in a friendly and informative manner.


Nova Scotia wines, provided by wineries from Annapolis to Malagash, were served in sufficient quantity to actually enjoy with the many seafood delights available and, as most already know, these wines splendidly compliment the N.S. seafood dishes presented. A surprise new micro-brewery from Shelburne was also represented and provided samples of their latest offerings which are – along with the N.S. wines tasted  - now also available through the NSLC. 


This event is one of the best-kept secrets in Nova Scotia – and what a pity it is! This year’s Extravaganza was one of the best-staged public food and wine events we have attended in that past decade. It compares most favorably to the NSLC’s annual wine (with food) event in Halifax with one notable exception – the quality and variety of seafood at Yarmouth’s Extravaganza far exceeds that which is served at the Halifax show… and the added highlight presentations by celebrity chefs from other areas certainly reinforced the offerings from our local restaurateurs and chefs.


This mid-August event is the type that, properly staged and publicized, can easily draw many visitors to our area – it’s the right food, the right wines and brews and the right place… and there are many people that enjoy this type of event. Advice to the organizers – start the planning process now for an even better 3rd Annual event and shine a brighter spotlight on Yarmouth as seafood-central. 

Well done, all…. and thank you for a great event! 

Bob Russell,



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