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Camper crash stunt a big hit at Lawrencetown’s Redneck Rodeo

LAWRENCETOWN, NS - It’s a good thing Jack Pearle wasn’t at home when they drove the big Ford truck through the side of his travel trailer.

It was all part of the show at the third annual Redneck Rodeo at the Annapolis Valley Exhibition grounds in Lawrencetown Sunday evening July 8.

After the snowmobile races and after the Barbie Jeep races, the Redneck Rodeo crew decided on a neat stunt to close out a weekend of activities. That’s where the ancient travel trailer came in. It was hauled down the hill and placed just right. Organizers did a quick search for fire extinguishers and experts in first aid before the stunt.

Carl Marshall backed up to the trees in the next field over, got some speed up, and drove his Valley Raceway Ford truck up a gravel ramp and smashed effortlessly through the aluminum trailer in front of a small crowd at the Riverside Stage. He flew through the trailer without so much as smashing his windshield or his headlights.

The trailer disintegrated in seconds, sending dishes, mattresses, a cooler, and numerous other contents flying in a big cloud of dust.

Pearle is a member of the Annapolis Valley Exhibition’s board of directors. He said the trailer was a mid-1980s Scamper that he said was all rotten inside and wasn’t usable. But even so, he didn’t think the truck would go through it so easily.

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