5 quick tips to make breakfast more fun

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(NC)—We have heard many times that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but sometimes it can be forgotten in the morning rush. Take a look at these five tips to incorporate some quality family time into your breakfast.

Get artistic

Take your piece of toast from food to art by cutting it into fun shapes. Spread your favorite topping on a slice of whole grain bread and cut it into any shape you want with a cookie cutter. Decorate with fruit like berries, grapes or sliced banana. Make it a balanced breakfast by serving with a glass of 2% milk.

Make a breakfast bar

Plan it with choices and different toppings. Yogurt is a good start for breakfast sundaes, or whole grain pitas make a nice base for breakfast pizzas. Bar items can be anything you or your kids choose—berries, sliced grapes, shredded cheese and nuts are just a few suggestions. Make it educational and fun by giving a gold star to any child that can incorporate all four food groups.

Launch a full day of fun

On weekends use breakfast as a chance to talk about a wish-list of activities for the day. It can be a brainstorming session where everyone can share their favourite ideas to make a plan.

Give them 'happy food'

It is all about the presentation. If your kids don't like eating breakfast, make it look more appealing. Use a banana as a mouth, cut a boiled egg in half for two eyes, use a grape as the nose and cut a slice of toast spread with a tablespoon of Nutella in half to make two big ears.

Have a picnic

Breakfast doesn't always need to be eaten at a table. To create variety, plan a picnic—pack up a hamper and blanket then head outside to your favourite park, or even your backyard. Make skewers by cutting a whole grain sandwich and fruit into fun shapes and then alternate putting them onto a skewer. Pair it with a glass of milk for a balanced breakfast that fits perfectly in your hamper. If it rains you don't have to cancel—lay down a blanket in your living room and have an indoor picnic.



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