The Stanfields bringing their energy

Carla Allen
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Listen to 30 seconds of any of The Stanfields songs and you’ll understand why they have received the “Best Band to Get Trashed to” award four years in a row.

The Stanfields will be performing at the Red Knight on Friday, Nov. 23.

On Friday, Nov. 23, the band is scheduled to rock the Red Knight as part of their cross-Canada tour to support their new album, Death and Taxes, which was released in September.

Jon Landry (guitar/ lead vocals) describes the new album as being harder, darker and faster than “Vanguard of the Young & Restless,” which was released in 2010.

“Many thousands of road and air miles, and all the trappings therein, tend to have that kind of effect on a band like ours,” he said.

Craig Eugene Harris (bass/ vocals), formerly of Yarmouth,  agrees.

“When we went into the studio to do the first record, we kind of drew from a lot of musical influences we had growing up,” he said.

The band started as a quintet with “a lot” of acoustic guitars and harmony vocals. Then they began plugging electric guitars and drums into the mix and started taking it on the road.

“We went to a lot of places that none of us had ever gone to before,” said Harris.

He adds that sales have been going very well for the CD.

“We’ve really moved a lot of units in the short amount of time that it’s been out. On this tour they’ve been flying off the merch (merchandise) table,” he said.

The high-octane energy of these musicians pulls the crowd in tight. It’s a symbiotic relationship from the first riff.

“A lot of bands have a chant or a roar or a shot or cocktail, whatever, but we don’t do any of that stuff,” said Harris about their pumped-up state from the start.

“It’s mostly the fans. We get people from all walks of life who are there to see us and we know they’re there to check out our music, to be entertained by us. So that kind of pumps us up, being able to provide to the consumer so to speak.

“When you hear the crowd being receptive to what you’re doing, and hollering and dancing. That’s what makes it all worthwhile and that’s where you get all of the energy from.”

Afterwards The Stanfields like to mingle amongst the crowd. Harris says it’s the best way to make friends and connections across the country and to be directly involved and engaged with the fan base.

It’s a far more personal way of connecting than by Twitter or Facebook.

“We don’t hide out in a back room and act like rock stars, not us. We’re working-class, in and out, through and through. We all go home and work jobs when we’re not touring.”

He finishes the interview with an invite.

“See you at the Red Knight. Rally the troops and get as many people out as you can. We’re looking forward to playing to a really good crowd there.”

The Rockbillys will be opening for The Stanfields at 10:30 p.m., with the main act following around midnight. Tickets are $10.

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