Junior A Challenge presentation nixed

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Town will have to call another meeting

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Bid proponents for bringing the 2013 World Junior A Challenge back to Yarmouth were turned away by Yarmouth Town Council, Thursday, Dec. 13, when Councillor Danny MacIsaac voted against adding a presentation by them to the council's agenda.

Citing a concern for setting a precedent, Councillor MacIsaac said he wasn't prepared to hear the presentation because he hadn't had adequate notice. Because it was a late addition, the motion required unanimous consent under the town's by-law for the bid committee proponents to be heard. 

If the issue had been brought up around the council table during the meeting, the mayor would have had the authority to invite questions from the floor with a majority vote of council. That didn't happen. As the meeting wound down, the proponents left the council chambers without making the presentation they had made the day before at the Municipality of Yarmouth.

After the meeting Mayor Pam Mood said she would be calling a special meeting of council within the next few days so that council could consider the bid committee's presentation.

The bid proponents have already received a funding commitment from the Municipality of Yarmouth.

 It is very early days yet, but Yarmouth has been invited by Hockey Canada to host next year’s World Junior A Challenge. The 2012 challenge was held in Yarmouth last month. It was the first time for the event in Nova Scotia.

An official announcement about the 2013 location is expected in January, says Mitch Bonnar, president of the Yarmouth Jr. A Mariners and a member of the bid committee.

Partners must be secured and a few challenges must be conquered first, he told Municipality of Yarmouth councillors at their Dec. 12 meeting. He also noted that it is unusual for a community to host successive tournaments.

 “They usually do one in the East and one in the West,” said Bonnar.

The event brought at least 1,000 players, coaches, scouts and hockey officials and dignitaries to the area and most of the games were sellouts. Family members of the players also came to Yarmouth. Close to 150 people stepped forward to volunteer.

“There were a lot of challenges but we got through it and I think the town and municipality are a whole lot better for it,” said Bonnar.

He added that at the conclusion of the week the volunteers said they would assist again should the event return. On top of this, Hockey Canada officials could not sing Yarmouth’s praises loud enough for the job that had been done.

The bid for the 2012 event was submitted as a joint effort involving the Yarmouth Jr. A Mariners in partnership with the three local municipal units, the Maritime Hockey League, Hockey Nova Scotia and Events Nova Scotia. In addition to the tournament games held in Yarmouth, Exhibition games were held in Barrington, Digby and Liverpool. Yarmouth and Digby also hosted prospects games.

The 2013 World Junior A Challenge will be comprised of six teams: Canada East, Canada West and four international teams. The 2012 challenge saw teams from USA, Switzerland, Russia and the Czech Republic competing.

The 2013 event is scheduled for Nov. 4-10, with a tournament format that will include a round robin, followed by two semifinal games and two medal games for a total of 13 games, similar to this year’s event.

Bonnar and Wayne Hamilton, who was part of the 2012 host committee, say with the foundation already laid from the 2012 challenge, this will be a good opportunity to make the event even better than before.

“The games’ success is not just about hockey. It’s how the community interacts with it, how people work within the system, the number of fans that show up,” said Bonnar.“We embraced it and they noticed that.”


Organizations: Hockey Canada, Yarmouth Town Council, Mariners Maritime Hockey League

Geographic location: Yarmouth, Canada East, Canada West Nova Scotia Barrington Liverpool USA Switzerland Russia Czech Republic

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Recent comments

  • alan clarke
    December 14, 2012 - 12:50

    Way to Go Councilor MacIssac . Way to make everyone who voted for you seem so embarrassed!!! What a Joke!!!! Way to embarrass SWNS. I wonder how many communities and Councils in NS, hell Canada would treat a organizer of a international event this way !!! My bet only ONE YARMOUTH!!! Way to put Yarmouth on the map! for all the wrong reasons. You should be ashamed!!!!!!!!!! I know all the rest of us are!!!!

  • Play by the rules
    December 14, 2012 - 09:16

    I agree with one of the posters who wrote, "Mr. Bonnar cannot expect to be receiving preferred treatment and be able to circumvent the established procedures and protocols. They are established for a reason, and to be fair to all. If he had done a presentation the day before with MOY, then why could he have not shown the courtesy to inform TOY that he wished to speak at council with advance notice, and request to be added to agenda, like everyone else would have." As for the rest of it, it's pure speculation about MacIsaac. Seems to me that when a financial issue comes to Council without prior paperwork, how can the councillors in all due diligence approve an expenditure? Isn't this how Yarmouth got into a huge mess with SWSDA??

  • Juanita
    December 14, 2012 - 08:48

    Way to support the town and the Mayor! Keep this up and we won't be invited for anything and the town can just continue to decline. How about a little backbone here and stop splitting hairs! If the Municipality was able to accept it what is the problem of MacIsaac and those who voted with him? What about what the town wants and needs? Has anyone talked to the people of Yarmouth about this or are we just playing politics now?

  • Anne Beattie
    December 14, 2012 - 08:02

    This event brought a lot of positive spirit and attention to Yarmouth. I wish I had a DVD of the last game when info about the town was highlighted. Anyone seeing it would see the true heart of Yarmouth and be sure to want to visit. Producers did an excellent job. As good as this was for the town/county, the issue is proper procedures for bringing up presentations before the council. I certainly hope that this was case and it is not about the wisdom of Yarmouth hosting an event that did so much for the area. Yarmouth is a town moving forward!

  • For the love of Yarmouth...
    December 14, 2012 - 06:25

    Two issues here....Mr. Bonnar cannot expect to be receiving preferred treatment and be able to circumvent the established procedures and protocols. They are established for a reason, and to be fair to all. If he had done a presentation the day before with MOY, then why could he have not shown the courtesy to inform TOY that he wished to speak at council with advance notice, and request to be added to agenda, like everyone else would have. As per MacIssac, he is acting like a spoiled sport, ever since getting his knuckles rapped for operating his chip cart, in a preferred location this summer . . . and now selling his cart on his front lawn, because he will not be afforded to operate again where he did last summer. Funny he is a stickler now for rules . . . He is the only Councillor that cannot be bothered to use a laptop at council, and insists on sitting there shuffling his papers and often at a loss to be on the same topic and issue as council. Does he know how to use a computer, like all his other peers do during the meeting? He makes admin print out everything for him. Get with the times. Also, did another Councillor coach him to do this, so it would make himself look less like a person who wants to see Yarmouth succeed? He has been out of character on a few occasions with some unusually brave motions and comments, that don't seem to be of the intelligence of his own personal character. Rumors swirl that a fellow Councillor is persuading him to do such, hoping to make him look less intelligent in the public' eye. Is this another case of him doing something he thought would be popular, as suggested by another, and instead it showed him up as being a dissenter???? Bravo to Pam and Jeff for handling the matter in a professional manner, although it must have been a total embarrassment to them, thanks to the perceived temper-tantrum thrown by MacIssac. I bet you if it was something that he was championing and wanted directly for his end of the town, things would have been different. Advice to MacIssac, represent the best interests of all the people of Yarmouth, and the communities which benefit from these types of things; not just your own grandstanding and attempting to show off, because you only end up being shown up, and mocked.

  • randy johnson
    December 13, 2012 - 22:47

    Nice to see councillor MacIssac once again showing his forward thinking approach. Imagine what we'd have done if he hadn't been reelected. What a joke.

    • Jason
      December 14, 2012 - 09:07

      I have a few questions for Councillor MacIssac.... 1.What the hell were you thinking last night? 2. Which TV show were you going to miss if you had to listen to this presentation? 3. How did you convince people to vote for you in the first place?