2012 World Junior A Challenge

2012 World Junior A Challenge
Team USA celebrates their World Junior A Challenge win in Yarmouth. The team had a 6-3 win over Canada in the gold medal game. TINA COMEAU PHOTO
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Stephen Charchuk
- July 30, 2016
- 19 h 00

I bet a lot of money "changed" hands on this deal...... It may not be for profit, but someone sure made one.

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In 2015 the Town of Yarmouth trucked in material to a site it owns in Lake George. It says it's intention was the truck in Class B compost to help reclaim the natural growth of the property that once housed a sawmill operation. The town bought the property to prevent sawmill activity continuing there.

But the material trucked in wasn't Class B compost. It was laden with plastics, sharps and debris, which has caused a lot of stress, anger and anxiety for local residents.

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Photo taken during a walkabout on the Lake George property on Feb. 23.
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In Yarmouth's south end buildings belonging to the Sweeney Fishery interests were demolished.