Rose-coloured ketchup pitched as regional hit

Carla Allen
Published on March 1, 2014

Gary Kent has launched a new product that may take a little getting used to: rose-coloured, creamy East Coast Ketchup. A portion of the proceeds from sales will be benefit the Friends of the Yarmouth Light.

Local chef and entrepreneur Gary Kent is hoping people will be able to get over the colour of his latest product and embrace it as a regional staple.

Pale pink ketchup? Look at it through Kent’s eyes.

“It’s a lovely rose and it’s delicious. I think anything regional is unique,” he said, pointing out rappie pie as an example.

“Some people have problems with the texture of that. Some people are going to have problems with the fact that East Coast Ketchup is rose coloured and not red,” he said.

What people shouldn’t have a problem with is that some of the proceeds from his new Vincent Dressings product will be helping to support a local icon.

“This allows me to support a local initiative that is dear to my heart,” said Kent. 

The Yarmouth Friends of the Light is his chosen recipient and a picture of the beacon is featured on the label, making it a great souvenir item, says Kent.

“Food tourism has always been popular. A Gouda cheese round when visiting Gouda in the Netherlands, a jar of Dijon mustard when visiting Dijon France and now hopefully a bottle of East Coast Ketchup from Yarmouth where it's made,” he said.

He points out that regional cuisine is interesting partly because it is unique. Dijon mustard is different from regular yellow mustard due to adding white wine to the recipe, he added

East Coast Ketchup is different from regular "bright red" ketchup in that it is a rose colour due to the creaming process.

The new product was launched at the Saturday, March 1, Yarmouth Farmers Market and will be available at Sandy’s Gifts on Main Street, Dayton Red & White, Carl’s Store in Tusket and other outlets.

A 2-litre restaurant size will also be available. The consumer size will sell for between $6 and $7.

Vincent Dressings food dressings Curry Luv, Burger-Bomb, Garlico and Deli-dips are available in many parts of the province, including Pete’s in Bedford, Halifax and Wolfville; Meadowbrook Markets in Berwick and Alderney Landing; and Local Source in Halifax.