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11th annual Wedgeport Acadian Families Lob-ball Tournament being played Aug. 3-6

La Coupe Maringouin
La Coupe Maringouin

WEDGEPORT, N.S. – An annual tradition will once again play out in Wedgeport this week as the 11th annual Wedgeport Acadian Families Lob-Ball Tournament takes place Aug. 3-6.

There are eight teams participating in the tournament.

Division A: Cottreau 2, Mixed 1, LeBlanc and Pothier.

Division B: Cottreau 1, Mixed 2, Doucet(te), Boudreau

La Coupe Maringouin (which in English translates into The Mosquito Cup, but don't let that bug you) is annual sporting event in which Wedgeport Acadian families compete in. It is an important event of the annual Festival acadien de Wedgeport. The tournament takes place at the Wedgeport school ballpark and attracts thousands each year.

Games will be held the evenings of Thursday, Aug. 3 and Friday, Aug. 4, with full days of lob-ball action on Saturday, Aug. 5 and Sunday, Aug. 6. Saturday and Sunday also include the homerun derbies with the women's derby Saturday at 2 p.m. and the men's derby Sunday at  2 p.m.

The tournament's championship game will be Sunday at 6 p.m.

Previous tournament winners:

• 2016: Mixed 1 team

• 2015: Mixed 2 team

• 2011 to 2014: Pothiers

• 2009 and 2010: LeBlancs

• 2008: Cottreau Team 1

• 2007: Jacquards


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