Yarmouth hospital's Hullabaloo goes Saturday, Sept. 16, at Mariners Centre

Published on September 10, 2017

At the Mariners Centre in Yarmouth, site of the Hullabaloo to be held Sept. 16 for the Yarmouth hospital (from left): Evelyn Myers, vice-president of the hospital’s women’s auxiliary; Marie Atkinson, co-chair of the Hullabaloo; Beth Johnson, auxiliary president; Cheryl Harding, chair of the Hullabaloo.

©Eric Bourque

YARMOUTH -- The roots of one of Yarmouth’s best-known annual charitable events – the Hullabaloo – go back over a century, back to 1910, when a bazaar at the curling rink on Brunswick Street raised $449.

One-hundred-seven years later, organizers of the 2017 Hullabaloo are getting ready for their event, which will be held at Yarmouth’s Mariners Centre Saturday, Sept. 16, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., with proceeds again supporting the Yarmouth Regional Hospital.

Billed as the biggest flea market in the tri-counties, the Hullabaloo is presented by the Yarmouth hospital’s women’s auxiliary, which this year is raising money towards the purchase of the following items for the hospital (with a total cost of $47,000):

--two temporary pacemakers ($6,000 each)

--five Broda chairs ($3,000 each)

--two pediatric cribs ($10,000 each).

 The Hullabaloo is the main fundraising event for the hospital’s women’s auxiliary, which also runs the Yarmouth hospital’s gift shop.

Cheryl Harding, the Hullabaloo’s chairperson, said things are coming together for this year’s event.

“Everything’s been on schedule,” she said. “We’ve been meeting every month for the last six months.”

Examples of items people will find at the Hullabaloo include jewelry, books, baked goods, toys and Christmas items.

There will be plenty of food, including an international table featuring a variety of food items. There will be rappie pie and seafood chowder and more.

There will be three auctions – open, silent and Dutch – and someone will win a barrel of groceries (an initiative of the Catholic Women’s League, with proceeds going to the hospital auxiliary).

Support for the Hullabaloo is strong, Harding said, citing an example of a local event from earlier this year that helped the auxiliary in its fundraising efforts.

“Pubnico had a cake auction back in May and that raised funds for us,” she said. “There’s tremendous support from the communities.”

 The Hullabaloo is a big event that requires plenty of volunteers – 105 of them were involved last year – and there’s room for more, says Harding, who invites people to call her (902-740-3816) if they’re interested in lending a hand.

“If anybody’s available, we need people to help set up and help tear down as well, help pack up,” she said.

Admission to the Hullabaloo is $2 for adults, free for children under 12.

Broda chairs

Among the things this year’s Hullabaloo will help support is the purchase of five Broda chairs (total cost of $15,000) for the Yarmouth hospital. With the aging population, there is said to be a growing need for these types of chairs. They provide comfort to patients and can make them feel more independent. They also are viewed as a safe alternative for confused and debilitated patients who risk injuring themselves or falling if they try to get out of bed.