Province-wide open fire ban

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Published on July 13, 2012
The Nova Scotia fire weather map as of July 13.

A province-wide ban on all open fires has gone into effect as of July 12.

     The open fire ban will remain in effect until further notice. A significant rainfall will be required before a decision is made to lift the ban. The ban prohibits setting open fires for any purpose in woods or within 305 meters (1,000 feet) of woods in any part of the province.

     The warm, dry weather we have been experiencing has brought the fire weather index to high or extreme throughout the province. An open fire ban is needed to reduce the potential for fire starts.

Significant rain is needed to improve conditions before the ban can be lifted.

     People caught lighting fires can be fined, and they can be held responsible for all costs associated with suppressing a forest fire and any damages caused to homes and properties.

     The ban applies to all outdoor fires, including devices such as chimineas. People can continue to use their barbeques and camp stoves, but should use extra caution when operating these appliances.

     The decision to initiate an open fire ban is based on a number of factors, including
a prolonged period of little or no rain, and
 a fire weather index of at least 80 per cent in any region. The fire weather index is a prediction of potential fire conditions and intensity.

     There have been 289 wildfires in the province this year, covering 766.9 hectares of land.

For more information, visit the Nova Scotia Burning Restrictions website.