Dumping Day morning: Lobster season gets underway

Published on November 30, 2013

After being delayed for most of the week due to high winds throughout the week, the lobster fishery off southwestern Nova Scotia got off to its start on Saturday, Nov. 30.

Traditionally the fishery begins on the last Monday of November, but strong winds on that day, and the days that followed, pushed the opening of the seasons in lobster fishing areas 34 and 33 to the last day of November. It was the longest weather-related delay ever of the season.

Around 1,700 lobster vessels headed to the fishing grounds on the morning of Nov. 30 to dump their lobster traps. They'll be permitted to start hauling their traps one midnight after minute.

There are DFO, Coast Guard and 413 Transport and Rescue Squadron resources on the water and in the air on Nov. 30 to help fishermen in case they run into any trouble.

There were four fishermen early on into the start of the season that had to be rescued when they vessel starting sinking off Liverpool on Saturday morning. (Click here to read that story.) There were other reports of the usual mechanical issues and breakdowns that often accompany the season's start.

Meanwhile, fishermen who have struggled with low lobster prices the past few years are hopeful that the season delay will fetch them a higher opening price.

You can view a short video of images from dumping day morning in Yarmouth here.