World-renowned blues man Lloyd Spiegel to play in Meteghan

Published on September 6, 2017

Lloyd Spiegel is an internationally renowned blues musician and will play a show at Le Richelieu in Meteghan River September 17 at 7:30.


METEGHAN, NS – An Australian blues musician has a Meteghan show on the horizon and is feeling inspired to write music about Nova Scotia.

Lloyd Spiegel is an internationally renowned blues singer and guitar player and will play a show at Le Richelieu in Meteghan River September 17.

He’s looking forward to his first visit to Digby County and says he’s fallen in love with the province as a whole.

“A large part of my show is about storytelling, which is a large part of maritime culture. When I visited Nova Scotia for the first time, it was like I’d found my tribe,” he said.


Making Maritime music and writing in Canada

Spiegel lives in Melbourne, Australia. He said the first thing that struck him while traveling on the back roads through Canada was how different each community and each province was.

“In Australia, you can drive nearly 20 hours and still feel like you’re in the same place,” he said.

“In Canada, you drive across one provincial border and it’s so different.”

Spiegel first played in Nova Scotia last year in Sydney as part of a showcase for the 2016 East Coast Music Awards.

After blowing audiences out of the water and falling in love with Cape Breton culture, he returned only a few months later to play two sold out shows in Chester and Halifax.

And now with his Meteghan show on deck, Spiegel will have much of Nova Scotia under his belt.

It’s a place he’s fallen in love with, and a people he’s grown to admire.

“I feel like I’ve arrived home when I play in Nova Scotia,” said Spiegel of the shows he’s played and those still to come.


Having made friends with fellow musician Charlie A’Court and other likeminded storytellers, he’s intent on returning.

“Touring is exhausting. Any chance to get a home-cooked meal and sleep in a real bed is like heaven to me,” said Spiegel.

“Making friends is also an added benefit. A’Court’s been to visit me in Melbourne, and I expect there will be many more visits to come.”


A new album and new show

Much of the content on Spiegel’s latest album, This Time Tomorrow, was written while Spiegel toured in Canada.

The album sits atop the iTunes blues chart in Australia at number one – a position it’s held for over three months – and Spiegel is deservedly proud.

“It’s quite the thing. I had to keep checking it at first because I didn’t really believe it,” he said.

“And it’s really great that it’s there right now, while I’m touring Canada again.”

The show is a lively and striking affair aiming to leave audience members surprised and inspired, much like Spiegel himself after his first Nova Scotian experience.

He says his stories, comedy and show delivery is as finely tuned as his voice and guitars, and that they always go over best in places he’s never played before.

“There’s no shock value in Australia anymore. The best shows I play are always in new places, like Meteghan,” he said.

“Getting to play in these new places is what this tour needed. I feel like I’ve arrived home when I play in Nova Scotia.”

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