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Former teacher Amy Hood receives conditional sentence for sex offences

PICTOU, N.S. – Carolyn Amy Hood was handed a conditional sentence Wednesday in Pictou Court for sex offences she committed involving minors.

Hood received a conditional sentence of 15 months (six months for crimes involving one boy and nine months for those involving the other); 12 months of which will be served under house arrest.

During that time she will be under electronic supervision. She is also required to pay a $200 victim surcharge for each offence and must give a DNA sample and go on a sex offender registry for life. She will also have a 10-year weapons ban and a lifetime ban on prohibited weapons.

She must stay away from places where children frequent for 10 years unless accompanied by an adult. She’s not allowed to consume drugs or alcohol and can’t frequent places where alcohol is served.

She must stay two kilometres away from her victims and must have no contact with them. She can’t work with children except her own. She must stay off the internet except for work and then only under adult supervision.

Judge Del Atwood said that he was persuaded by a doctor’s report that Hood experienced symptoms of bipolar disorder.

He said her mental state led to risk taking and “a reckless adventure” for Hood.

He said she felt like a peer to the victims who were between 15 and 17 years old at the time of her offences and that she was not grooming the victims.

“It was a spontaneous opportunity rather than acts of calculation and grooming,” he said.

He said medical reports indicate she is a low risk to reoffend.

The judge also agreed with the defence that a mandatory minimum was not acceptable and said that Hood is an excellent candidate for a conditional sentence.

Hood had admitted to four of the six charges that include two counts of luring, sexual interference and sexual exploitation. The charges were laid in relation to offences involving minors from Feb.1 to Sept. 30, 2013.

She was teaching Grade 6 at Thorburn Consolidated at the time when it was a Primary to Grade 9 school. The defence argued during an eight-day trial in October 2015 that Hood was not criminally responsible at the time because of a mental disorder, but the court wasn’t convinced by this argument and rendered guilty verdicts on all four charges.


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