Results from recent Queens County Invitational Basketball tournament

Published on March 14, 2017

Jared Warrington of the Sou’west Volunteers jumping against Deondre Williams of Clearwater Hustlers in the semi final.


LIVERPOOL, N.S. – The Sou’west Volunteers hosted a U18 basketball tournament.

Here is a list of game results from the Queens County Invitational Basketball Tournament that was held at Liverpool high school.


• Sou’west Volunteers 60-54 Argyle Eagles

Giovanni Violetto 15pts / Joel Cull 19pts

• Pugwash Thunder 73-54 Yarmouth Huskies

 Ryan MacInnis 17pts/ Matt MacInnis 17pts

• Clearwater 78-51 C.B.A Tigers

Drew Jacklin 45pts / Parkers Steeves 12pts

• Yarmouth Huskies 83-76 Argyle Eagles

Skylar Baxter 21pts/ Isaac Cull 23pts

•Amherst Sonics 84-62 C.B.A Tigers

Sam LeBlanc 31pts / Riley Masters 12pts

• Pugwash Thunder 52 -28 Sou’west Volunteers

Sam Wade 25pts /Giovanni Violetto 10pts

• Clearwater Hustlers 97-80 Amherst Sonics

Austin Buchanan 31pts / Sam Leblanc 25pts


• Semi Final:

Clearwater Hustlers 84-65 Sou’west Volunteers

Austin Buchanan 33pts / Tetsuya Miyamoto 15pts

• Semi Final:

Pugwash Thunder 54-44 Amherst Sonics

Sam Wade 33pts / Sam Leblanc 14pts

• C.B.A Tigers 78-42 Yarmouth Huskies

Ethan Dahr 18pts / Jesse Johanson 10pts

• Amherst Sonics 96-61 Argyle Eagles

Patrick Liebman 42pts/ Isaac Cull 28pts

• Yarmouth Huskies 94-45 Argyle Eagles


• Clearwater Hustlers 100-56 Pugwash Thunder

Drew Jacklin 40pts / Sam Wade 26pts

*Both players were Tournament All Stars

Drew Jacklin dunks the ball in the final game vs Pugwash.