$18,000 in education bursaries given to Yarmouth Mariners players from 50/50 game sales

Published on April 14, 2017

Back row (left to right) Connor Peveril, Andrew Martell, Matt Barron, Justin Ritcey, Mateo Short, Aaron Maillet, Max Robitaille, Alex Mann, Duncan McKie, Ryan Daley. Front row (left to right) Noah McMullin, Matt Warner, Jalen Gillard, Lawrence Lyver


YARMOUTH, N.S. – A familiar chant heard during Yarmouth Jr. A Mariners games is “50/50!,” as sellers entice fans to purchase tickets.

But not only do fans have a chance at winning money or prizes, by purchasing 50/50 tickets they are also contributing to the education of the hockey players.

Following the conclusion of the 2016-2017 hockey season, the Mariners presented numerous players with educational bursaries.

About $18,000 in total was distributed, which represented an accumulation of 50/50 sales.

Keith Condon, one of the owners of the team, says they were pleased to distribute the bursaries. While some of the players have immediate educational plans for university or college, others are looking ahead to when it will be time for their post-secondary studies.

“This is the first time we’ve ever given out that much as once and we’re kind of proud of that,” Condon said, who also gives credit to the team’s fans and sponsors for supporting the players.

He said being on the team isn’t just about winning games and making the playoffs, it is also about helping to develop the young players. And money raised through 50/50 supports players and charities.

“We’re using this money to support the community, and in this case to make the players better people when they leave than when they came,” Condon said. “That’s the goal. It isn't all about winning in hockey. It’s about helping these young people in their next step in their lives.”

As well the team strives to give back to the community, through programs such as the Icy Knights initiative that pairs players with young adults who have some form of a disability, by helping out Yarmouth County minor hockey with skill development for younger players, by participating in an annual walk against bullying and by spreading friendship by visiting seniors’ complexes to donate team-made gingerbread houses at Christmas time.

Financially this past season the Mariners donated $7,338 to the Dr. Edwin Janke Cancer Centre from money raised through Pink in the Rink and auction of pink player jerseys. The team also made a $500 donation to the Scottie Greene fund, which was set up to help a St. Stephen Aces hockey player who was seriously injured in a car accident.

Says head coach Laurie Barron about the players, “We want to make sure we help make them be as well rounded as much as we can. It is about leadership in the community and it is amazing how many kids who have graduated from here end up going into things similar to this in their line of work.”